International Sustainability Expert Panel (ISEP)

  ISEP – the 2nd survey:

  „Sustainable values in need of structures“

   What could progressive organizational structures look like for companies and organisations that adhere to sustainable values?


Companies with sustainable values are reaching the limits on what can be achieved with traditional hierarchical structures, based on competitive thinking alone. The most progressive among them are currently developing new and more suitable structures, that allow for eye-to-eye cooperation, self-organisation, holistic achievements and a more thorough realization of ones potential.

The goal of the survey is to contribute to the clarification of what such new structures might look like. Answers should be found to the question which organisational structures and processes are most suitable to support the implementation of eco-social responsibility in companies and organisations.

Invest 15 minutes of your time for answering the relevant questions.

Additional background information about our motivation and goals can be found here (PDF).

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Your ISEP Survey Team:

Annemarie Schallhart (Austria),
Bernd Steinmüller (Germany),
Christian Engweiler (Thailand) and
Christian Hasenstab (Columbia)

Sustainability Consultants of SustainCo e.V.